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Signal GK

Signal GK was a Traveller fanzine run by Jae Campbell and later Leighton Piper. Its main focus was on Dagudashaag Sector, being run by Duncan Law-Green as Dagudashaag Sector Analyst. Seeing as Gushemege bordered Dagudashaag, and both were being run by UK based writers it made sense for me to contribute to it as well.

My articles in Signal GK included:

  • Contact: The Lancians - GK4 - Humaniti minor race
  • Blockade - GK6 - Adventure Nugget
  • AKA Salina - GK6 - A Patron Encounter
  • Salvage - GK6 - Adventure Nugget

(these were all drawn from my larger Rebellion Shades work)

I'm sure I also wrote a Traveller Cyberpunk type piece at some point.

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