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Imperium Games

Imperium Games had been set up by Courtney Solomon to buy the Traveller license from Marc Miller and publish Traveller after the demise of GDW and TNE. Unfortunately Courtney wasn't a gamer, a publisher, or even a business man - he was a movie producer. He'd bought up the film rights to Dungeons and Dragons and went on to make a pretty abysmal movie for it. He had the same idea for Traveller, maybe a film, maybe a TV animated series. He appeared to have no interest in Traveller the RPG. It became obvious pretty soon that IG had little time for writers. Getting paid got harder and harder, and eventually the money stopped.

Like many other Core and IG writers there's a lot of stuff I didn't get paid for. Apart from Aliens 1 my biggest unpublished project for them was the successor to the World Builders Handbook. I spent a lot of time rebuilding the system generation rules, ensuring they reflected the latest Traveller and real scientific thinking. I had a lot of deep email conversations with key Traveller players and real astronomers. But in the end it was all in vain. It must be on a hard disc here somewhere.

Its interesting looking at the web and seeing other Core/IG writers views of the whole T4/IG debacle and of what might have been. Here are a few for your delectation.

Bitter? Moi?

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