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Deepnight Revelation - Crew

31/10/21: I want the DNR crew to be something of a rainbow coalition, and I can’t see anything in DNR to prevent that. After all given all the unknown unknowns that the DNR is likely to encounter then a neurodiverse crew seems to make a lot of sense. So the crew should probably be:

  • Majority Imperium, strong Vilani component
  • Darrians for the hi-tech expertise
  • A small Zhodani delegation, able to draw on the Core expedition expertise
  • A small Aslan delegation, female led but with a male security team, given the proximity to Aslan interests along the Great Rift
  • A single Hiver

I don’t think I include any Dryone given that dealing with Droyne seems to be a key issue, but not known at the start, and the Droyne can easily have some sort of race memory that makes the idea of an expedition towards the Deepnight Entity totally frightening. Too far away from the Vargr sphere of interest and too High-brow for the them to come along. The Solomani are secretive about their own Rim expeditions but may have tried to put a SolSec agent aboard the ship posing as a member of the crew.


Command Team (12)

Expedition Director(O0):
PA to XD:
Captain (O1):
XO (O2):

DNR Command Team detail

Flight Division (57)

Chief Flight Officer (O3):
Chief Astrogator (O4):
Senior Pilot (O4):

DNR Flight Division detail

Engineer Division (195)

Chief Engineer (O3):

DNR Engineer Division detail

Operations Division (132)

Tactical Dept (39)

Chief Operations Officer (O3):
Principal Weapons Officer (PWO):
Head of Security:
Marine Detachment Commander:

DNR Tactical Department detail

Pursers Dept (32)

Chief Purser/Quartermaster: Khaled Anwar
Chief Medic: Stiwyn Hoang

DNR Pursers Division detail

Deck Dept (61)

Senior Deck Officer:

DNR Deck Division detail

Mission Division (92->76)

Head of Science:
Head of Exploration:
Deputy Head of Exploration (OIC Away Team):
Head of Astrobiology:
Imperial Consul:

DNR Mission Division detail

Darrians (6)

Head of Science:

DNR Darrian Delegation detail

Zhodani delegation (4)

Leader: Ekrshianiv Shabvrenjtlel
Deputy: Zieb Yezhzensiant

DNR Zhodani Delegation detail

Aslan delegation (6)

Leader: Kheea Hkyelotea (f)
Deputy: Oiwekta Eahtyekhya (f)
Chief Bodyguard: Yohkaira' Hlauhoa (m)

DNR Aslan Delegation detail


M. Stargoon

DNR Hiver Delegation detail

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