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Wargaming is my principal hobby. My main periods are Modern, WW2 (a bit), Napoleonic, ECW and Medieval (War of the Roses and 100 Years War), and my main scales are some 2mm, 6mm, growing 10mm, 15mm (SF mainly), 20mm (mostly) and some 28mm (skirmish). Whilst I play some commercial rules my preference tends to be for my own.

Since the wargaming stuff is fairly dynamic its mainly covered on my blog, but if I do any big projects I'll look to post them here, and I'll maintain a Published Wargaming Works page.

Recently it's also become a large part of my professional life too, with two wargame related projects delivered to MOD in 2021 and a third one underway in 2022. I'll post any general notes/links/works/thoughts to a Professional Wargaming page, however…

I've also just started a PhD in Wargaming Urban Conflict at Bath Spa University, under the supervision of John Curry of the History of Wargaming project fame, so most of my professional writing/research is now likely to be under the PhD.

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