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With the announcement (Jan 2023) that Prof. Maggi Savin-Baden and I have been appointed as series editors for Taylor & Francis' new series of books on the #Metaverse - simply titled The Metaverse Series most of my efforts in the VW/VR/Metaverse space are directed towards writing and curating this series. More info at I've already started on The Metaverse: A Critical Introduction, I'm helping Maggi with The Metaverse for Training and Education, and I'm also working with a co-author to shape The Military Metaverse.

We aim to cover both “vertical” applications areas such as #learning, #training, #arts, #digitaltwins, #heritage, #militarymetaverse etc as well as cross-cutting issues such as identity, governance, psychology, ethics etc. See for a provisional list.

My ongoing thoughts in this area at:

My past papers are at

See for my commercial project examples and white papers.

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