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Virtual Humans

This section of the Wiki will support my virtual humans work and research.

Virtual Human and Chatbot Articles and Papers

Chatbot Projects

Here's a quick summary of some of the chatbot projects I've been involved with, with links to published papers etc where available. Quite a lot were for MOD so some information is limited.


Of course what a chatbot looks like is nothing whatsoever to do with how capable (or not) it is (just ask Sophia), but here are some images of my favourite chatbots we've worked on.

My Halo testbed bot in Second Life - reacting to a snake

A virtual life coach implemented as a mobile chat app

The Bin Bayyah chatbot - doing an Arabic chatbot is non-trivial

A virtual librarian for UEL

A virtual tour guide for the HBMeu virtual campus

The Newspeak Twitter bot

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