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Traveller in Second Life

Second Life was (is) a wonderful place - a persistent, single shard, shared virtual world where you could (can) do petty much what you want. Here are a few of the things I got up to.

Traveller Map in SL

We were doing a lot of work on 3D data visualisation, starting with getting Google Maps into SL. Then I thought why no The Traveller Map. Joshua Bell was actually working for Linden Lab (SL's creators) at the time! You could stand on the map and zoom i to anywhere in the Imperium.

The Empress Marava

The Empress Marava is a standard Traveller Fat Trader. I built it in Second Life, and then ported it OpenSim - the open source version of Second Life. Probably still on my hard drive somewhere!

Landed at a space port. The trick in SL was that the Marava stayed still but you rezzed what you wanted around it!

On the flight deck.

Looking at the navigation table - with live Traveller map!

In a state room.

The hold area.

Low berths!

On a Mars like planet with rear loading ramp down.

In space - everything de-rezzed!

Doing a space walk around a gas giant!

Back at the downport offloading cargo.

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