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Traveller 3D Map

TMAP3D grew out of some experimentation with WebXR - an emerging standard (already replaced by OpenXR I think) which lets you create fully immersive 3D spaces which can be entered via the browser on a compatible VR headset (like the Oculus Quest), crucially without having to download any app to the headset. This really opens the way to wider authoring and access to VR spaces.

With TMAP3D the application starts by loading Regina subsector. You can move around it, click on worlds to see UWP and PBG data (bases and trade classifications to come), bring up gas giant and belt icons, and see Zones and allegiance. You can then choose how you want the vertical dimension to be used (fixed, population, tech level, importance, starport), and the world size (diameter, population, tech level, importance).

Once you've had your fill of Regina select Atlas form the menu, select a Sector (a 5×5 grid currently supported, core and trailing from Spinward Marches), and then a subsector and the new subsector dynamically loads from the Traveller Map API.

There is a video walkthrough of the application at:

Access in VR

To access with a VR headset:

  • Put on your VR headset and launch its web browser
  • Enter the URL using the pick-keyboard (tried to keep it short!)
  • WAIT for the page and all textures to load in 2D - you should also see the instruction page
  • Once all textures are loaded click on the Enter VR button
  • The 2D browser falls away and you are in the full 3D space
  • Just walk around and click on worlds.
  • For the menu press the inside left paddle/trigger and then use your right hand controller to click on the menu options you want
  • To exit the app press the Oculus button on the right-hand controller

Any bugs/comments email me at or post on my blog page for the app at

Access in an ordinary web browser

Functionality in an ordinary browser is limited at the moment, I'll improve it during 2021.

  • WAIT for the page and all textures to load - you should also see the instruction page
  • Press spacebar to remove the instruction page
  • Press H to bring up the help page, and H again to close it
  • You can move around with WASD, use Q/E to go up and down, Z/C to rotate and X to reset. You can also left-click and hold and move the mouse to change your view
  • You CANNOT yet click on a planet, change the displayed information or leave Regina!


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