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I've been a fan (and sometime player and author) of GDW's Traveller SF RPG since just after it came out in 1977. I think I started playing in 1978, after a group of schoolfriends who had already introduced me to D&D (and were writing the Beholder fanzine) brought it along, and I was hooked. I've now got 3 shelves of Traveller stuff, plus 5 or 6 of the boxed games, have written professional and fan content for it, and a range of software apps related to it.

My big current Traveller software projects are Travellogue, Port2Jump and Traveller 3D Map, and I also have some smaller Javascript Apps that I've done from time to time. There's also a Consolidated List of 2D6 Tools.

I'm also working up a concept I'm calling Distant Stars Arising which is about a “quick play” 2D6 SF/Cepheus/Traveller system that uses a VERY condensed rule set (currently 32 pages) and cards to help with most aspects of navigation and plot (not just, or even really, weapon/kit/NPC cards).

I also aim to use this wiki to support any extended Traveller campaigns I run or get involved with.

I was the HIWG Sector Analyst for Analyst back in the 90s, and I've just finished pulling together everything that me and my colleagues wrote on Gushemege into a 200 page Sector Handbook which will hopefully see the light of day shortly.

I've posted a full'ish Collected Works page up - but keep uncovering the odd piece I've forgotten.

I'm interested in how Traveller can take advantage of emerging virtual worlds. I did quite a bit with Traveller in Second Life, and have my eye on No Man's Sky and Dual Universe.

Most of my Traveller play is solo now (and I've got some ideas about that), but who knows I might be persuadable to join a physical game if someone's in Birmingham, UK.

My author's page on the Traveller Wiki site is at

Some old notes on Getting Back into Traveller

Links to third party Traveller Web Sites and Blogs

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