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Imperium Games wanted to publish The Long Way Home as a t4 supplement. Unfortunately it was too big for their 64 page adventure format, so Andy and I had to introduce a new central section that let the players find a quick way home after the 5th scenario, and find a way back out to the Sidurii Cluster at the start of Gateway for the remaining 5 scenarios.

One problem we had was that the original TLWH used the HIWG sector files for Gushemege, and the world names that as Gushemege Sector Analyst I'd developed for the sector. Between the BITS TLWH nand the IG TLWH IG published First Survey - a collection of sector data and one of the worst Traveller supplements ever. It had two problems. First they managed to corrupt the UWPs, repeating certain fields, and second they invented a whole lot of new world names over-writing the work of all the Sector Analysts. Milieu 0 campaign corrected the UWP data, but not the names. As it was when IG published TLWH they kept the original system names, and so managed to contradict themselves totally!

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