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Welcome to my wiki - a public scratchpad for all my various projects and interests. TauNoyen is the name I used for my software publishing way back in the 80s, so thought I might resurrect it for my new ventures.

This is a wiki to support various personal projects.

Here are other sites on the Net related to me:

  • - my company specialising in immersive 3D, VR and conversational AI
  • Converj - my blog, mainly wargaming but some other stuff too
  • ResearchGate - best place to get my academic papers
  • - may have names of papers not on ResearchGate
  • Medium - where I tend to post long form pieces on tech
  • - During the last months of WW2 when my mum was 8 she and her mum kept a scrapbook of daily news cuttings. I posted them in real-time to Twitter during the 65th Anniversary of the war, but since everyone was in lock-down nobody noticed! Nice to have the scrapbook safely on line though.

My more recent books/chapters:

My Halo virtual human is named for Halo Jones, and nothing to do with the computer game!

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