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 +====== Signal GK ======
 +Signal GK was a Traveller fanzine run by Jae Campbell and later Leighton Piper. Its main focus was on Dagudashaag Sector, being run by Duncan Law-Green as Dagudashaag Sector Analyst. Seeing as Gushemege bordered Dagudashaag,​ and both were being run by UK based writers it made sense for me to contribute to it as well.
 +My articles in Signal GK included:
 +  * Contact: The Lancians - GK4 - Humaniti minor race
 +  * Blockade - GK6 - Adventure Nugget
 +  * AKA Salina - GK6 - A Patron Encounter
 +  * Salvage - GK6 - Adventure Nugget
 +(these were all drawn from my larger [[Rebellion Shades work]])
 +I'm sure I also wrote a Traveller Cyberpunk type piece at some point.
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