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Recommended Urban Wargames

This is very much a work in progress at the moment and one I'll populate and refine more as I play more of the games and get a better idea of how to rate them, but it's at least a first stab at answering the questions “which are the better urban wargames”. Games closest to the top are the ones I like best, those towards the bottom still worth check -out. I'm not plotting every game I play, but those which are well known which I don't rate highly for what I'm after I've put at the bottom of the page, and mine are on there in their own layer just to show the formation/echelon level they cover. Games I've played as against games I'm getting strong recommendations for are coloured differently - and I'll be prioritising playing those games (WACN is on the table as I type). The urban_wargame_reviews page will list the reviews of the main games that I play. I'll try and update this chart every quarter or so, and as I firm up my ideas for it redraw it as something more readable!

Click on the link to get a clearer-to-read version. An (S) means a solo game.

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