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My PhD - Wargaming Urban Conflict

I've just started a PhD in wargaming under John Curry at Bath Spa, he of History of Wargaming Project fame. I'm doing the PhD part-time, so will probably take 5-6 years. After some discussions with John and kicking various more hobby/generic ideas around we decided that Urban Conflict was the best bet as it a) built on work I was already doing for MOD, b) is a key current area of interest for the world's militaries and c) hasn't been over-researched academically. As with all PhD the first year is probably going to all about reading (and playing) widely and deciding on a more precise scope and research question but for now my provisional title is:

What are the challenges in wargaming urban conflict and how can they be better addressed?

I'll aim to keep this PhD blog regularly updated, using it as a bit of a scratch pad, pointing people to things I'm working on and using it to consolidate game reports, research etc.

Key links/sections are:

The main sections of the PhD are likely to be something like:

I'm also interested in the whole idea of doing a PhD “in public” and the use of Wikis/Data Gardens/Digital Gardens/Second Brains/Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) tools etc to support them - so here are a few notes on PhD Wikis.

Quick PhD Notes - just a scratchpad for me for stuff I want to note before I sort it.

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