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Military Digital Autonomous Organisations (DAOs)

This is probably only tangential to the wargame PhD, and more closely aligned with my Metaverse work, but there might be some interesting crossovers, and it certainly fits into some of the Wargaming and AI work I’ve been doing professionally.

DAOs are a part of the Web3 concept, how blockchain can help to create a more secure, distributed and trusted Internet. A DAO is an organisation based around the blockchain, and particularly reward and decision making mechanisms which are implemented as smart contracts on the block chain. A good introductory paper is Web3-Based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Operations: Architectures, Models, and Mechanisms (Qin, 2023).

There are certain aspects of DAOs that could make them attractive to both decentralised human teams and especially to human-agent networks (HANs), and I hope to be able to put a paper on the topic together during the winter.

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