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Life in 2130


In 1999 there was a world war, the “Holocaust”. London was obviously badly hit as Dominick tells his friends to be out of the city by then.


Commring - a ring sized communications device, both for person to person and person to computer calls. Dominic uses it to talk to SOO (qv) to check on what is happening at his house.

A wall of the living room is taken up by a multi=purpose screen that works as a 2D video screen for phone conversations and as a 3D projector for entertainment use.

SOO is the household computer. It can talk to the occupants, and over comms links. It can scan objects in the house and appears to acts as a complete house manager come secretary.


Wide brimmed hats because of the UV

Life style/Morals

Open relationships but no “cheating”


We are only really given a good look at Dominick's house. It is very “2001” ish, modernist and minimalist. Dominick remarks on the clutter in Jane's house, and also comments on how sterile - physically, emotionally and biologically his life is.

There is some sort of sonic shower and dry in one scene.

Caleb's office/house is similarly modernist, if richer in colour and decoration.


Apart from the saucers the only transport shown is their equivalent of the London Undergound, some form of suitably quiet and plush mass transit system.

Time Travel

The time-travel mechanism is never explained. One curious point is that elapsed time in 1980 equals elapse time in 2130 - so if Dominick spends 24 hrs in 1980, 24 hrs pass in 2130.

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