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Traveller Javascript Apps

Here are a few smaller projects I'm currently working on, and which will also be integrated into Port2Jump.

  • Traveller 3D Map - Traveller Map data in 3D for VR (currently) and ordinary PCs (to come)
  • World Biome Generator - Generates biomes for a world based on UWP and average temperature
  • Assignment & NPC Generator - Generates potential assignments (and Patrons) for Travellers, or just random NPCs
  • Places To See - Generates potential tourist traps in a system! Good places to meet Patrons or contacts.
  • Word Generator - Based on the old Corsair WordGen but expanded to include languages common in Gushemege
  • System Generator - A quick system generator not following any specific edition but 2D6 compatible.
  • Next Ship To - Generates details of the next ships between two ports based on UWP and other data.
  • Skirmish Terrain Generator - really for five_parsecs_from_home but could be useful for Traveller encounters too.
  • Solomani Name Generator - uses a list of top 1000 first and last names globally on Terra c.2021
  • Surface Encounters - Generates random surface encounters based on UWP and other data

Back in the day I also wrote the following (mostly for the Atari ST) and may bring up to date:

  • Ilamatar - ASCII based Mercator planet mapping!
  • Cartos - v2 of Ilmatar, it shapes the landscape by iterative application of a bunch of filters and then floods it to the appropriate percent, before finally placing the biomes and settlements. It even generated a spinning 3D globe!
  • Genesis - A simple life evolution model - only a little more sophisticated than that now in Biome Generator
  • Culture - A culture generator based on an article in DGP TD-16 by Nancy Parker
  • System - A tool to analyse sector files and world to world links
  • Hazard - A Hazard Profile generator based on an article in GDW Challenge 31 Marcus L Rowland
  • Descript - Generates a world description from a UWP based on tables in DGP World Builders Handbook, Striker, JTAS and Traveller Digest.
  • Religion - A religion generator after WBH by DGP ( sounds like a racehorse ! )

I think I also started work on a random city builder.

Here's a consolidated list of other people's apps that I find useful.

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