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IG Assorted Proposals

Here's a file from my archive of works I was proposing to IG. Who knows, I may end up doing some of them for T5 or Cephus. The file is dated 26 Jul 97.


Synopsis: AnySystem details a world system to a level never before achieved in Traveller in order to provide players and referees with a rich environment in which to adventure. Every planet and moon is mapped, every major settlement and organisation detailed, native craft and key patrons described, and representative locations from starport bars to factories detailed, together with encounter tables and rumours. Armed with AnySystem players can spend many hours playing the adventures provided, or just travelling around the system, or alternatively referee's can use the material in AnySystem, which is presented in as modular and generic form as possible, as readymade adventure material to flesh out worlds and systems within their own campaigns.

Milieu: Adventures are set in M0 or are Milieu neutral.


  • Title/Legal/Contents: 4 pp
  • Overview of System: 2 pp
  • Worlds and Planets: 20 pp
  • Major Space Settlements: 6 pp
  • Major Land Settlements: 8 pp
  • Sites of Interest: 4pp
  • Encounters, locations, rumours: 12pp
  • Patrons: 6 pp
  • Craft: 4pp
  • Political/Economic description: 2pp
  • History: 2pp
  • Military: 2pp
  • Major Organisations: 4pp
  • Library Data: 4pp
  • Citizens: 3pp
  • Adventures: 12pp
  • Using Material in other settings: 1pp

Length: 96pp

Author: D Burden + ??

Manuscript to IG: 2Q97

Deep Base Omicron

( OK the name is too much like DS9 but its a working title ).

Introduction: At the cutting edge of Cleon's expansion are the Deep Bases. Here scouts and traders meet and swop notes between forays into the depths of unrecontacted space. The book will describe the base as a rich adventure setting and then present a series of linked adventures that follow the fortunes of scout, trading, diplomatic, military and survey teams as they venture beyond the safe confines of Deep Base Omicron.

Milieu: 0


  • Title/Legal/Contents: 4pp
  • Introduction/Scout Missions: 2pp
  • Base Layout Maps: 4pp
  • Keyed Base Description: 6pp
  • Encounter locations and rumours: 6pp
  • People of the Base: 4pp
  • Patrons: 4pp
  • The Scout Operation: 6pp
  • The Trade Operation: 4pp
  • The Diplomatic Operation: 4pp
  • The Military Operation: 4pp
  • Base Command and Control: 2pp
  • Base Defense: 2pp
  • Neighbouring Space ( 2 subsectors ): 4pp
  • Key World Descriptions: 12pp
  • Small Craft: 4pp
  • Starships: 4pp
  • Adventures: 20pp

Length: 96pp

Authors: D Burden + ??

Manuscript to IG: 3Q97

The Annililik Run

Introduction: At the end of the Long Night it was the first legendary route of trade. The Annililik Run. From Vland to Core a trading corridor a few parsecs wide found its way through pirate and alien territories to link together the two greatest powers of the age. The Run was a thing of daring, and it was a rare Trader who could take their craft along its whole length. Join the adventure and players explore this unique region of space, and pit their commercial and survival skills against all that the universe has to offer.

Milieu: 0


  • Title/Legal/Contents: 4pp
  • Introduction: 2pp
  • SubSector Maps and Overviews ( 8 subsectors ): 16pp
  • Key Worlds: 16pp
  • Races of the Run: 6pp
  • Vargr: 4pp
  • Pirates: 4pp
  • Navies: 4pp
  • Traders: 4pp
  • Megacorporations: 4pp
  • Patrons: 4pp
  • Making a Living: 4pp
  • Starships: 4pp
  • Adventures: 20pp

Length: 96pp

Authors: D Burden + ??

Manuscript to IG: 4Q97

See The Annililik Run for a fuller treatment.

For late 97/early 98


Planets are for kids. The real spacers are to be found in the asteroid and planetary belts of a solar system. Hardened space veterans who can sniff out a Lanthanum deposit at fifty megameters, and who can bring their spaceships through a planetary rings without a scratch. Belter looks at the economics and adventure possibilities of life in the belt. Included is a major adventure, many aventure hooks and patron ideas and a standalone game/simulation of belt mining economics.

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