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Here's a short summary of Headcrash. Don't worry too much about spoilers because even after you've heard the whole thing you still can't tell what is going on and nothing much dramatic happens anyway.

Scene 1: Boy and Luka on the road

Boy and Luka are driving through a post apocolyptic landscape. They shoot up other car drivers. Luka is in bandages, burnt and bleeding but OK. Boy has started to keep a record of what is going on. When they hit people a computer voice in the car tells them they've got a score. They stop for the night to sleep.

Scene 2: Crazies

As they drive through a tunnel they're attacked by mutant like crazies. As the crazies are about to break through they are “swopped” to a another car somewhere else. Boy says it's like someones watching over them.

Scene 3: Rats

Another tunnel. Its rats this time, swarming all over their car. Killing occupants of others. The rats pass. They drive on.

Scene 4: Creep Cop

They're pulled over by the police for “random hitting” of pedestrians - “while using the line share adaptor”. The policeman writes poetry - apparently a lot of others do too.

Scene 5: TPS and Mother

Boy stops at a lost city. He's been thinking about staying in one, giving up on the road. Luka thinks he's going to leave her as she's breaking up (literally). They hear a telephone ring. The person on the phone says she's Boys mother and that he must get back on the road. Keep hitting.

Scene 6: Chicken Switch

More crazies. Boy hits the chicken switch. Luka feels it's humiliating. Their score has been forfeit and transferred to non-volatile memory.

Scene 7: The Field Controller

They are pulled over by the cops again. This time a Field Controller and assistant arrive. She tells Boy that “if you don’t hit, you don’t score. And if you don’t score then well, where does that leave us. Well it doesn’t leave us in a very nice situation. It leaves us looking rather silly.” They take Luka away ( but not before she kills the assistant), Boy gets given a new and better car.

Scene 8: Mother Again

Boy is enjoying the new car, the new landscape. He meets his mother again. She tells him that he's spent too much time on the lower levels. That “there are more levels than you ever dreamed of. This is nowhere, this is what you might call the desert. All sorts of other levels. Some people call them worlds – but I’m not that grand. But you’re going to see them Boy.” She also tells him he's not mean enough to do really well. That he's got a crack at the title. She used to be a hitter too - she's so good that she takes out a car just by looking at it. She does a “handshake” with Boy, then kisses him - “for old times sake”.

Scene 9 Home Run

Luka has his mothers ability. Hitting cars just by looking at them. He's really in to it. he makes the home run. Boy is jubilant, carried away with it. he's jubilant.

Controller “Thanks Boy, you turned into a real bastard. Good hitting.

Boy: “Get out and smoke it sucker. Blow everything away”.

And to the listener

Boy: “And just a word of advice to you. You keep out of my way and just make sure I don’t see you. OK.

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