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Cast and Characters

There's really only two:

Boy - Jeremy Flynn.

Don't know much about the actor. There's a Jeremy Flynn who did a bunch of films around the right time.

• Schindler's List (1993) Brinnlitz Man • Afraid of the Dark (1992) Jim Gilbert • Comrades (1989) Brine • Flooding Actor

I'll see if I can find a photo, or add an imdb link.

Yuka - Toyah Willcox

A suitably period picture of Toyah - almost Yuka like.

Famous English ex-punk musician, actress and TV presenter. See her official web site. One of my aim for a couple of decades has been to try and get her recollections of making Headcrash. When she started doing her lockdown YouTube shows I thought I'd tweet out to her to see what she remembers. On her first Toyah At Home Episode she actually read out my request and gave me an answer. Follow the link to hear what she said, and here it is in precis form:

  • The radio play was first recorded (in the late 80s) for Radio 1 - even though it was never actually broadcast there(?)
  • “It caused an absolute uproar because its a really violent, futuristic play, and about there being no land, no homes available and so everyone just keep drivings in their cars along motorways which wrap around the worth, shooting each other, hacking each other to pieces”
  • Sound effects guy was in the room as they recorded, making sound effects there and then with cabbages and meat-cleavers which helped give the performance the violent vibe
  • “It was a very graphic play and got a lot of complaints, and it just kinda'of was ground breaking - but I think by today's standards I don't think anyone would bat an eyelid about it”.
  • “My memories are purely how how graphic it was, it was a lot of fun to do, I love doing radio plays. They are very fulfilling to just be part of”.

Thank you Toyah for giving such an interesting insight into Headcrash.

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