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Audio Recording

I made my recording of Headcrash on a cassette over 25 years ago! I transferred it onto MP3 about 15 years ago. I might try and put it up onto YouTube to get a bigger audience. Of course should the BBC ever be sensible enough to make it available commercially I'll withdraw the files.

Headcrash - Part 1

Headcrash - Part 2

There are also full recordings at:

Audio Clips

I've made some MP3 audio clips of Headcrash so you can get some idea of what this wonderful play sounds like without having to download the whole thing.

BBC Intro (646 kb)

Opening Lines (417 kb)

Shooting (1756 kb)

Field Controller (949 kb)

Luka and Assistant (1020 kb)

Next Level (668 kb)

Farewell (318 kb)

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