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Many years (well decades now) ago I saw a play listed on Radio 3 which sounded vaguely interesting. It just so happened that I had something on at the time, so rather than listen to the play I taped it. And boy was I glad I did. That play was Headcrash - one of the best and most original plays ever broadcast by the BBC ( well apart from The Flipside of Dominick Hide - but that was on the telly, and of course there's the original Radio version of Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy ).

The play was written by Michael Wall in 1986 but not broadcast until 1993 (July I think), two years after Michael's death. To my knowledge it has been only broadcast the once (see the original BBC Radio Times listing).

So what is it about? It's set in some dystopian future where Boy drives through the landscape shooting pedestrians and skaters and being attacked by rats. Boy in joined by Yuka, played by wonderful Toyah Willcox, and is in search of his mother. But is everything what it seems? Is this happening in real life, in cyberspace, or is it all just a computer game?

With a stunning soundscape and an amazing atmosphere, this is a unique and haunting play.

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