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Evolving Thoughts

A few things that are particularly interesting me so far and may guide the work:

  • I don't want to get stuck in CQB/FIBUA, tactical person to person fighting.
  • I'm more interested in Bn/Bde level operations in the urban environment, where they can be fully combined arms and even Joint.
  • I'm deliberately referring to the topic as “urban conflict” as I'm interested in the effects based approach - i.e. can you seize the city by other means then fighting for it - this goes right back to Sun Tzu
  • I'm also interested in the notions of “city plus” - a modern city may have a large and dispersed hinterland which reaches back even to other countries (for instance migrant workers from the Indian sub-continent working in Qatar)
  • And of course city-as-system and city-as-organism
  • I'm very interested in the experience of the civilian population and how we can act to best protect them (again by probably not entering the city in the first place)

Game wise:

  • I'm particularly interested in manual games - even if delivered on something like Roll20/Tabletop Simulator
  • I think I'm also interested in games which could be readily played by the formation/unit itself, in a reasonable (half day?) timescales and with no external support - otherwise things just won't scale - but I need to build the case for that
  • I'd love to do a game from the civilian point of view
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