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 +====== Emotions ======
 +I’m continuing to use and develop the [[https://​​publication/​224534934_Emotionally_Responsive_Robotic_Avatars_as_Characters_in_Virtual_Worlds|E-AI model]] from Sarah Slater at Wolverhampton University.
 +The basic model is:
 +  * Emotion Alert Database (EAD)
 +  * Any stimulus has high-road check against EAD for response (action, emotion, physio, exclamation)
 +  * Same stimulus has low-road pass to the main NL/response processing system
 +  * EAD response reduces with over stimulation (accommodation)
 +  * Emotion response decays if no further trigger
 +  * Things that please or hurt the VH add to/enhance EAD reaction for future events
 +The process will probably be implemented within Chatscript with the EAD held in triples, a model which has worked before.
 +Emotions based around Eckmank’s 5 (Happy, Sad, Anger, Disgust, Fear) Plus surprise, Plus a range of Secondary emotions in a PAD (pleasure-arousal-dominance) space, with half-life type decays. Instant emotions drive mood, also mapped in a PAD space.
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