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Zhodani Delegation

Leader: Ekrshianiv Shabvrenjtlel

UPP: 966B97 Female 41 yrs
Zhodani. Civilian ( O6 ). Very Tall height, Obese mass
Unarmed-3 Negotiation-2

They have a very friendly disposition. Their motivations are Protecting Family-5 and Honour/Loyalty-7. They are evangelically religious (Morality's Path) and have darting eyes.

Deputy: Zieb Yezhzensiant

UPP: C7AA97 Male 62 yrs
Zhodani. Civilian ( O3 ). Average height, Skinny mass
Leader-3, Liaison-3, Streetwise-3

Their hair is Average. It is grey and worn Curly.
They have an annoyed disposition. Their motivations are Equality-5. They use long words/old-fashioned speech and are constantly eating.

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