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The Crew

Chris Cherry (producer) and Jeremy Paul (co-write AFFD) both had careers in UK TV and film. Jeremy has been heavily involved in the BBC's By The Sword Divided, Granada's Sherlock Holmes series, Lovejoy, Hetty Wainthropp and Midsomer Murders. You can read about Jeremy and his current project at and at

Director and writer Alan Gibson was born 28 April 1938, in London, Ontario in Canada. He had an extensive TV and film career as a Director, mostly in horror, thrillers and SF from 1965 through to his death in 1987. Dominick Hide was his only writing credit. He died on 5th July 1987, in London, UK.

Visual Effects designer Peter Wragg cut his teeth on Thunderbirds Are Go, and went on to do effects for Threads and Red Dwarf.

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