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 +====== Corrade Set-Up ======
 +I've tried various ways of controlling avatars in SL and OpenSim in the past, and a lot of early work was done with LibOpenMetaverse (in fact Daden paid to get it going again after it had languished for a while). On the last iteration (~3-4 years ago) I used Corrade, not ideal but got things going again. This time (Feb 19) I've had a fresh look at Corrade still seems like the best bet. So here's how to get it going:
 +  * Download from http://​​secondlife/​scripted_agents/​corrade
 +  * Unzip
 +  * Run from command line with Corrade.exe install (or Corrade.exe help to see all commands)
 +  * This installs it
 +  * Open the Windows Services Manager (type "​services"​ from the Windows icon menu)
 +  * Select and start the service
 +  * Point your browser at http://​​54377 ( I find this can be hit and miss, more reliable with Edge than Chrome?)
 +  * Configure for the bot you want to control
 +  * Add the details for the group you are using to control the bot (LSL object controlling and avatar must both be in the same group)
 +  * Stop and restart the service (may not be necessary)
 +  * If you view the log on the web page you should see the log in process and any errors
 +  * You should see the bot in world
 +  * If you chat near the bot you should see the chat in the Corrade log, but nothing else will happen as we need to start building the control system
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