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SJG Colony Alpha

Here's original chapter plan for Colony Alpha.

Colony Alpha, Contents and Page Count

Title Page1 page
Table of Contents1 page
Introduction1 page
1. Why Colonize?4 pages
2. Planning4 pages
3. Settlement4 pages
4. Survival8 pages
5. Stability4 pages
6. Growth12 pages
7. Characters and Equipment4 pages
8. Colony Adventures4 pages
Index1 pages
Total48 pages

And a flat-plan of the main sections:

There was a well developed Colony Model looking at things like food, energy and area/volume budgets. That all worked out really nicely in Metric, but SJG said it had to be in Imperial Units and it became a complete nightmare. I had the whole first draft completed when SJG cancelled, essentially because it wasn't game'y enough I think - too much hard science!

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