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My Collected Traveller Works

Here's most of what I've written/co-written for Traveller.



Viral Shades (Freelance Traveller) Vella Zabeth (Traveller Chronicle 9)Divva Station (Valkyrie 2)
Signal GK..

Self Published

Unpublished Works

Articles I've written but have not been published (yet).

  • Bringing Heaven - an unpublished adventure written cradling my day old daughter!
  • Rebellion Shades - a set of linked adventures and resources set during MT's Rebellion Era

HIWG Documents

Click here for a list of the HIWG Documents I wrote back in the 80s/90s - mainly as Gushemege Sector analyst. Most of these have now been reworked into the (hopefully) forthcoming Gushemege Sector Guide.


Stuff that didn't quite make it, but may be resurrected some day.

  • The Annililik Run - my name, and I did a great concept for it, but then T4/IG did their own thing that was totally different (and pretty awful).
  • Colony Alpha - a SJG Traveller supplement, suffered massively from being converted to Imperial units!
  • Aliens 1 - an unpublished T4 supplement
  • IG Star System Builder - a World Builders Handbook/Second Census/Second Survey book for IG
  • IG Assorted Proposals - Assorted IG proposals that didn't go anywhere!

And a few (old) comments on Imperium Games.

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