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The Cast

A full cast and crew list is available at either Jon Farleys site or at IMDB. See our links page for details.

Dominick Hide (Peter Firth)

Dominick Hide is a “Corro”, a correlator, whose job is to hover over 1980s London in a time machine (shaped like a classic flying saucer) and try and re-compile the London Bus timetable from observations - the written records having been destroyed in some “holocaust” in 1999.

Dominick however also has a personal interest in the past. His Great Aunt Mavis has been telling him about his Great Great Grandfather, also called Dominick Hide, who was living in “Port Beal”, London around that time.

Jane (Caroline Langrishe)

Jane owns a small fashion shop in Portobello Road. She is just recovering from a messy love affair.

Ava (Pippa Guard)

Ava is Dominick's partner. Partners in 2130 appear to be found by a form of computer matching. At one point Dominick asks Ava if she is unhappy and wishes to be “re-programmed”. Ava works for “Tom Cook” as a time-tour guide, taking people back in time to witness important events from the past. She is very wary of Dominick's trips back.

Caleb Line (Patrick Magee)

Caleb is Dominick's boss. Appearing as very much the “elder statesman” figure, Caleb is a source of fear for Dominick - Dominick is overjoyed when he learns that Caleb was on his annual vacation to ??? when Dominick is 2 days overdue.

Alaric (Trevor Ray)

Alaric is Dominick's support engineer and friend. Alaric stays in the control area whenever Dominick goes to the flipside. Alaric has had a succession of female partners, and continues to do so through the plays, ultimately finding happiness when matched with another man.

Great Aunt Mavis (Sylvia Coleridge)

Born in 2015, Great Aunt Mavis has only dim memories of her Grandfather, Dominic's GreatGreat Grandfather. Slightly batty, she still has a keen ear which picks up on Dominic's use of the word “actually”, and is delighted when Dominic brings her back a rose - that bloomed 35 years before she was born.

Pyrus Bonnington (Ron Berglas) - Another Flip for Dominick

Pyrus is a new recruit to Caleb's operation, and holds Dominick as a personal hero - the story of Dominicks visit to 1980s London now being the stuff of legend. Pyrus decides to emulate Dominick and return to London to experience the 1980s for himself. Note: Ron was our neighbour across the road in Parsons Green in 1981/82.


Denis Lawson, who went on to play Rebel Squadron pilot Wedge Antilles in the Star Wars movies played Felic, one of Jane's friends.

Michael Carter, who played Bib Fortuna in Return of the Jedi played “1st Youth” - I assume one of the kids who Dominck meets outside the pub and who tell him about Portobello Road and give him the A to Z. Bib Fortuna was Jaba the Hutts major domo, the block with the latex worm wrapped around his head.

The Wedge Antilles FAQ (see Links) also reports that Jeremy “Boba Fett” Bulloch was in FSODN but he does not appear on the cast list of either the viedo of IMDB.

Jean Trend, who plays ?? friend Helda, turned up in Chris Morris' Jam series only this year [2002?]. She was also in the TV classic Doomwatch.

Timothy Davies, who played Jim Bone, was in the TV version of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. He played Fook/Phougg.

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