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In late 95/early 96 I met up online with Andy Lily. I wanted to write a Traveller book, Andy wanted to publish one as part of his new BITS organisation. I did most of the writing and Andy did most of the design and editing, and between us we produced The Long Way Home.

TLWH concerned the adventures of a group of Travellers who misjump out of Milieu 0 period Sylea/Core and end up lost in uncharted space. Through a series of adventures they meet, to them, alien races such as the Droyne and Aslan and eventually make it home. TLWH ran to almost 100 pages, looked great, and was very well recieved by the gaming community.

We launched TLWH at EuroGenCon in Sept 96 to co-incide with the launch of Imperium Games T4, Marc Millers Traveller. Andy has arranged for TLWH to be released under official licence, and even persuaded Marc Miller to write a (very short) foreward.

One of the most stunning things about TLWH was that Andy and I did not physically meet until EuroGenCon. I don't think we even spoke on the phone. The whole thing was done by email.

Imperium Games were so impressed by TLWH that they asked Andy and I, and the CORE group which Andy had created to promote high quality Traveller fan writing, to work on future official releases for Traveller. My Traveller writing career had begun.

Reviews of "The Long Way Home"

“…this is the Traveller adventure I've waited 16 years to see. When everyone has had a chance to see and/or play this adventure, I think it will replace The Traveller Adventure as the greatest Traveller adventure ever written. sets a VERY high standard for all future Traveller adventures.”

“The adventures are well written and thought provoking. There are opportunities for gun-bunnies to run amok, but most of the adventures require more subtle means of resolving them….I'm very impressed by the quality of the material in this book…the sheer amount of detail included in this book is impressive.”

“My initial reaction was 'it looks terrific' but after a closer look I'd have to revise that to 'it *is * terrific'. BITS first publication has certainly set a high standard to follow…All in all 100 pages cram-packed with excitement, detail and fun. If you're worried about a Star Trek:Voyager re-run, have no fear - this is *far* more interesting. In short: definitely not a Traveller adventure to be without. The author's love for Traveller shines through from every page …and for me it sums up what Traveller is all about: adventure, mystery and fun.”

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