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I’ll aim to only add books and papers here as I find them useful, rather than just dumping my whole reading list.

Urban Design

Urban Warfare

DiMarco, L. (2017). Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare From Stalingrad to Iraq - good case studies
King, A. (2021). Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century - Good overview and common themes
Spencer, J. (2019-). Urban Warfare Podcast - excellent and wide ranging

General Warfare

Wargaming and Game Design

Appleget, J. (2020). The Craft of Wargaming
Harrigan, P. (ed.) (2016). Zones of Control - 59 different essays by different experts on a wide range of wargaming issues
Longley-Brown, G. (2019). Successful Professional Wargames - practical handbook for MOD style games/approaches
Perla, P. (2011). The Art of Wargaming - great foundation and history
Sabin, P. (2012). Simulating War - some very concise but effective game examples

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