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I’ll aim to only add books and papers here as I find them useful, rather than just dumping my whole reading list.

Actually for now you may be better off looking at my References page.

Urban Design

Urban Warfare

DiMarco, L. (2017). Concrete Hell: Urban Warfare From Stalingrad to Iraq - good case studies
King, A. (2021). Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century - Good overview and common themes
Spencer, J. (2019-). Urban Warfare Podcast - excellent and wide ranging
Australian Army Research Centre (2021). Urban Warfare: A Practitioners Annotated Bibliography - almost saves me having to do a literature review!

General Warfare

Wargaming and Game Design

Appleget, J. (2020). The Craft of Wargaming
Harrigan, P. (ed.) (2016). Zones of Control - 59 different essays by different experts on a wide range of wargaming issues
Longley-Brown, G. (2019). Successful Professional Wargames - practical handbook for MOD style games/approaches
Perla, P. (2011). The Art of Wargaming - great foundation and history
Sabin, P. (2012). Simulating War - some very concise but effective game examples

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