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 +====== Aliens 1 ======
 +{{ :​traveller:​t4_aliensarchive.jpg?​200 |}}
 +Aliens 1 was to be an IG Aliens supplement, their earlier Aliens Archive having been pretty roundly condemned. Again each of the CORE team took a different piece - I landed the Graytch which had been briefly covered in Aliens Archive but were felt to warrant a fuller treatment. The Graytch were a bunch or arboreal (tree dwelling) six legged spider/​centaur crossed. There'​s a beast in Spy Kids 2 ( the spider-monkey?​) that's pretty close to my current mental image of them. The neatest thing about them was that they were pacifist.
 +{{ :​traveller:​graytch.jpg?​200 |}}
 +Aliens 1 was pulled by IG after it had all been written and as they started to pull out of Traveller. We never got paid for Aliens 1.
 +My abiding memory of Aliens 1 was writing a chunk of it on a Psion 3 in business class on a Cathay Pacific 747 between Hong Kong and London on the way back from a business trip to New Zealand. The life of a Traveller writer eh?
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