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Turn 1

Turn 1

No Licence
Dangerous (roving threats inc by 1)
Upkeep: 1 → 28
Debt: 18 → 8 + 1 = 9. Cr → 18

Crew Tasks

(Got 2 patrons)
Decoy (Toki+ 1)
Trade (2): Rumour, Shotgun
Explore (Erma+1): Patron, Track Rival


A. Priv Org, +3cr, 1-3 turns, priv tpt (no rivals)
B. Corp, +1, 1-2 turns, Rep only
C. HNWI, +2, 1-2 turns, priv tpt, 6 crew

Go for C, then maybe B then A

Have Quest, keep for next one?

No Rivals check as in private tpt


Deployment: Gloomy, 9”
Notable: Curious, 11”, Crate, 1D6 cr
Objective: Move through
Enemy: Hired muscle (-1 init), warbots: P0, 3”, +1sk, T4, AI-A, Wpn: 3C, Fearless (no morale), 5+ saving throw
3 of them, 2 with blast rifle+blade. one specialist with shell gun+blade
One Unique Individual: Hakshan Investigator. 5”, 0sk, T4, AI-D, 1 luck, plasma rifle

Ooops! Forgot it was meant to be gloomy so the engagement started at about 18“. A good shot from Erma took the Shell Gun bot out as soon as it emerged from the wood. Toki got into a shooting match with the warbot leader and kept it stunned enough to eventually get close enough to kill it. Erma and Sciuris then took the 3rd Warbot out - some good 1s and 2s meaning that the Bots hardly got a shot in. Frenchie picked up the loot box, a nice 5Cr. The Hakshan Investigator had been watching all this, but never really had a bead on anyone. She tried to pick the team off as they moved towards the wood but again the activation pattern meant there was never a clear shot. She moved round almost to the board edge and ultimately had to step out of cover to catch Erma just as she moved along the edge of the wood. Right on target and with a kill roll, but Erma's luck meant she just managed to dive for cover. The near-miss incensed the team and Paddy and Bloody just advanced forward letting loose with their shotguns, and the poor Hakshan had 5 stuns before they finally took her out. The crew manage to exit the far edge without further incident and the first battle is a nice success for no loss.

Post Battle

Not rivals.
Add C as Patron
5Cr pay, plus 5Cr from loot box = 10Cr
Battlefield Finds: 2Cr starship part
Loot: Shock Attachment
XP: +3 to all except +4 to Erma (1st kill) and Paddy (Unique)
No skill upgrades/training
Purchase: Need a better weapon for Frenchie. Pay 3Cr. Infantry Laser.
Campaign Event: Tax man! 5cr. So 10-3-5 = 2 Cr net!
Character Event: Meet a doctor, but no use

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