Places to See


This small application generates a list of places that the Travellers might like to visit in their current star system. It is completely random and has no idea of the main world UWP, star type, system layout or anything, so some work might be needed to blend it into the system that the Travellers are currently faced with. But hopefully it can spark some ideas, provide local colour, and provide some ideas for where the Travellers might meet their next Patron or contact. It is intended for use with classic 2D6 SF games, but could be used for other systems too. The ultimate intent is to also incorporate it within my larger Port2Jump application as part of a fuller experience for 2D6 space travellers!

Instructions for Use

Items are divided into Inner System, Mainworld and Outer System. You can specify the number of items generated for each zone, or set at 0 or blank for random. Then just click Generate!

Suggested orbits are given for each attraction. Feel free to move to suit your current system, and of course there's no reason to use them all, or any!

Zamishkar Starburst Ratings

Zamishkar is a well-known Vilani Tourism company and its Starburst rating systems has been widely adopted and are used here. The ratings are:

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Number of attractions required (blank/0 for random):