SF Adventurer Assignment Generator


This small application generates a possible assignment for a group of adventurers, and an associated patron. You can also generate the patron element on its own which could act as a generic NPC in a wide varity of situations. The Patron/NPC characteristics (beyond the UPP) are not based on any particular system, but should be usable by most. The ultimate intent is to also incorporate it within my larger Port2Jump application as part of a fuller experience for 2D6 space travellers!

Instructions for Use

You can set one parameter, the current stance of the system. This effectively sets the balance between "peacetime" assignments and more military ones. The possible values are:

Then just click on 'Generate Assignment' to generate an assignment plus patron, or just click on 'Generate NPC' for just the NPC element (which ignores the Stance).

Read assignment parameter descriptions

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